I have been fairly productive over the past weekend as I completed the re-implementation of the Windows version of the FlexRAID Storage Pooling functionality.

I made the decision to undertake this effort about two weeks ago and went in feet first not knowing what I was getting myself into.
Well, things went a lot smoother than feared. :)

Key features about this new implementation:

  1. Greater stability
  2. The Storage Pool can now act as a true NTFS or FAT/FAT32 drive
  3. Full NTFS security and full ACLs
  4. Better integration into the Windows ecosystem
  5. Full native support for WHS v2 and Windows Storage Server (fully manageable through the dashboard)

See the images below for some spoilers (more features will be revealed later):


One Response to Complete re-implementation of the Windows Storage Pool functionality (spoilers)

  1. cwaffles says:

    Sounds very good! When will the new implementation be released?

    On a side note, you shouldn’t require registration to post comments. It deters commenters very easily (I almost decided not to write this comment).

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