FlexRAID provides the cleanest integration into WHS 2011 out of all solutions out there.

FlexRAID requires no plugin and presents its Storage Pool drive as a native NTFS drive to WHS 2011.
This means you can add and manage a FlexRAID pool drive just like a regular but massive drive in WHS 2011’s dashboard.

1. A clean and fresh installation of WHS 2011 + FlexRAID

2. Launch the FlexRAID Web UI

3. Create a new Cruise Control configuration and specify the type of RAID protection you desire

4. Open the configuration and go to the Drive Manager

5. Use the Drive Manager to manage your storage system

6. Add new drives to your Storage Pool

7. Add as many PPUs as you require tolerance for your RAID

8. Initialize your RAID

9. Start the Storage Pool

10. After the Storage Pool has started, inspect your newly created drive

11. Verify that WHS correctly picked up the FlexRAID Storage Pool drive

12. Create your server folders using the WHS 2011 dashboard

13. Confirmation of a successful server folder creation

14. Enjoy FlexRAID on WHS 2011 :)


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