This is the one feature I have been longing to implement for the longest time.
Well, it is finally here. :)

It is important to write bug free and user proof code, but the reality is without full control of the user’s environment, that’s nearly impossible.
The next best thing, however, is the ability to auto-correct. Whether it be from system crash, user error, bug or whatnot, being able to recover and auto-fix is quintessential.

FlexRAID in Real-Time RAID mode can now self correct without needing to bring the storage pool down. That’s right; FlexRAID can now self correct live! :)

The next step will be to make the RAID self-heal the data itself from data rot stemming from memory errors or failing drive errors. The foundation for this next feature is already in the Snapshot RAID implementation. It is now just a matter of bridging the two to close the circle.


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