I recently spent some time reading on hard drive forensic and then looked at various commercial offerings for secure drive erase.
The cost of some of those solutions really intrigued me by being so pricey.

As always, this got my curiosity from an implementation standpoint.
So, I read… read… and read some more.
Finally, I understood. :)

Long story short, the management stack of NZFS is getting forensic drive erase.
For those looking to erase multiple drives at a time, the management stack makes it super easy.
The NZFS service manager is a single executable to you just register on the host and manage from a single client interface.
With that, users will be able to forensically erase multiple drives from multiple computers in parallel from a central UI.

This is just a freebie and most users will ignore it. However, for the few that needs such feature, you are herein served. :)


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